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Welcome to Kano Agricultural Supply Company Limited, your trusted partner in providing top-quality agricultural solutions and products. 

Kano Agricultural Supply Company Limited (KASCO) was established and Incorporated as limited liability company on 30th October, 1981 under the companies Act 1981, now companies and allied matters decree of 1990. It started operation in early 1982. Kano State Government owns the company.

The company is involved in procuring and sales of Agricultural inputs to the farmers in the state and beyond. These include;

  • Hardware such as; Irrigation Pumps, Millings Machine, Sprayers, Oxdrawn-Ridgers Green House Equipment
  • Agro-chemicals: eg Herbicides, Insecticides, Rodenticides etc.
  • Animal medication: eg Benozole, Vitacilin, Renide etc.
  • Vegetables /Cereal seeds: Tomato, Carrots, Water melon, Hybrid maize, Rice, Sorghum etc.
  • To increase revenue generation, KASCO decided to diversify its activities by going into projects namely: Livestock feeds production, poultry feeds, fish feed, Horse feed and dealership.

Supply: Certified seeds, crop protection chemicals, crop-processing equipment

Fertilizer: NPK 20-10-10, 20-05-10, 15-15-15, 15-10-10 etc

Agrochemicals: Pesticide, Herbicide, Fungicide, Rodenticide etc

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Frequently Asked

What products does Kano Agricultural Supply Company Limited offer?

Learn about the range of agricultural products and supplies that the company provides to farmers and agricultural businesses.

How can I place an order for products?

Get information on the ordering process, whether it’s through the company’s website, phone, or in-person at their physical store.

What payment methods are accepted for purchases?

Find out the payment options available, such as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, electronic transfers, or any other accepted methods.

Does Kano Agricultural Supply Company offer delivery services?

Understand if the company provides delivery options, including delivery fees, coverage areas, and estimated delivery times.

Are there any discounts or loyalty programs for regular customers?

Discover if the company offers discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs that could benefit repeat customers.

Are your products environmentally friendly and sustainable?

Learn about the company’s commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly products, and any efforts to promote environmentally conscious farming practices.

Do you offer training or workshops for farmers?

Check if the company provides training sessions, workshops, or educational events to help farmers improve their skills and knowledge in agriculture.

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Kano Agricultural Supply Company Limited (KASCO) was established and Incorporated as limited liability Company on 30th October, 1981 under the companies Act 1981,Now companies and allied matters decree of 1990.

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  • Address: 252 Maiduguri Road, Kano.

    Email: info@kasco.com.ng

    Phone: +234 8144555885
    +234 8088881273

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